Helme (2)lo and welcome! I’m Haven. I am a dedicated dog mom, avid reader, workaholic, endorphin addict, and craft creator.  My soul craves sunshine, long walks, and beautiful things.

I try to live in light of my conscious awareness by following a plant based diet with wholesome, natural, ingredients while avoiding chemical additives in materials and cleaning supplies. I hope that you find inspiration on my page to make conscious decisions on a daily basis, after all it is your life, your body, and your soul. Take care!

Why did I adopt a vegan lifestyle?IMG_20140816_130413

I grew up with a very vegetable orientated dinner table where meat was not the sole focal point of our meals. Produce was a constant staple and because of its abundance, was commonly the focal point. Growing up with this fresh view of what a diet could be (so different from a stereotypical meat focused meal) was the best gift that parents could have ever given me.  From this introduction, it only took one Peta documentary revealing the horrors of a slaughterhouse to persuade me to make the switch.

I choose to be vegan for my health, for the animals, and for our environment.

 Chemical free for you and me!

My journey to become chemical free has been more of a recent transition, but one that I have quickly become equally dedicated to. The amount of chemicals that we encounter on a daily basis is astounding, but the number of these chemicals that are untested and therefore possess unknown health risks is sincerely terrifying. I am not willing to risk my health and the health of my loved ones in this experiment any longer.

Knowledge is power and I want to spread the word.