Chemical free

Chemical Free Bedding

The average person spends about one third of their life in bed (and since I use mine as a couch I spend even more than that), so this is one of the first places where I wanted to limit my chemical exposure. Finding certified chemical free bedding within my budget was a little challenging, so I wanted to share my research and where I found the perfect bedding I was looking for.

First, some startling facts about what’s really in your sheet set.

The most notable is formaldehyde, which is a very common additive in polyester-cotton blends and is what makes bedding “perma-press” or “wrinkle free.” Remember this is one of the chemicals used to embalm. And even more scary, formaldehyde is also a prevalent component in building materials, paint, fabric softeners, and paper products. It is a known skin and eye irritant, linked to asthma and some cancers.

Other additives include chlorine, silicone, dyestuff softening agents, brighteners. Now, I don’t know about you but after learning this I was fully committed to replacing my bedding

One of the most important things that I learned during my research was that “organic” bedding does not guarantee that it is chemical free. While the cotton may have been grown in an organic fashion, chemicals may still have been added during the manufacturing process which simply negates the benefits to your health. Search for a product that is labeled chemical-free or labeled Oeko-Tex. Oeko-Tex is an independent association that tests textiles to certify that they are free of known harmful chemicals and irritants.

Where I found my bedding (and a Friends quote)

“Rachel: Phoebe hates Pottery Barn?!20160127_095939-1

Monica: Yeah, she hates all mass produced stuff. She thinks her furniture should have a history, a story behind it.

Rachel: Well this has a story behind it! I mean they had to ship it all the way from the White Plains store.”

It may be mass produced, but I think Pottery Barn
is doing it right. This was my first
experience even looking at the products that Pottery Barn has to offer, and I was found exactly what I was looking for. The majority of their bedding is made of organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified. And it is beautiful! I found this duvet cover there and I could not be happier. (Note: I made my purchase during a 20% off bedding sale, and you can also get a 15% off coupon for signing up to their email subscription).

20160127_100100-1The actual duvet insert that I found was at Houzz, an online marketplace. Searching for
this one took significant googling with keywords, but eventually I found an all natural down alternative cotton comforter made by Cottonloft. Labeled hypoallergenic and produced with exclusive chemical-free technology, and is filled with 100% cotton.


I had already invested in pillowcases and a fitted sheet that were made from organic cotton, but hopefully will be able to replace them with chemical-free certified alternatives soon, most likely from Pottery Barn (one more reference: “…all I can think about is how I don’t have that lamp sheet!”).



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