Reverse Coupon Apps: ibotta & Checkout 51

2016-01-13 10.12.48

I love food. I eat a lot of food. So it takes a large chunk of my income to feed me. But when you’re a broke graduate working an average job, you take all the help you can get to stretch your dollar.

There are a couple of really great apps that I use to help me keep money in my bank account.

My favorite is called ibotta, which rewards you with cashback for buying featured products and then uploading the receipt that reflects these purchases.

This reverse couponing system only asks that you complete very short surveys, watch informative clips, or read about a product in order to unlock the rebate. The appScreenshot_2016-01-13-09-40-20-1 also keeps track of your shopping list containing the rebates you have unlocked.

→ The pros: Very easy to use. Features “any brand” rebates for some products and fresh produce on a regular basis. Contains rebates for more than just grocery items. $10.00 minimum cash out (which is low compared to other apps). Offers additional cash back incentives for redeeming a combination of rebates. Features the same rebate at  multiple stores.

→ The cons: It is cash back, which requires you to make the purchase in full while remembering that you will be reimbursed. You can only redeem the exact rebate once per, even if you make the purchase again on a different receipt.


Another app that I use on a regular basis is Checkout 51. This is also a cash back rebate system, but it does not require you to unlock the rebates. Simply star which products you bought on the receipt that you upload it. Very similar to ibotta, Checkout 51 has the same basic downsides.Screenshot_2016-01-13-09-14-18-1

→ The pros: Easy to use. Updates with new offers every week at midnight on Thursday. No required activity to unlock the rebates. Features one “pick your offer” rebate, generally for fruit.

→ The cons: Not as many featured rebates available. $20.00 minimum cash out. Not many rebates for fresh produce.


I devote a little time every week to coordinating my shopping list between both apps in an effort to get double cash back on product. And if your favorite store has a coupon system or accepts paper coupons, the opportunity for amazing deals is great! Personally I do a lot of my shopping at Target, so correlating between these apps and Cartwheel has saved me $$$. Juggle as many coupons/cashback apps as possible to cash in multiple times!


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